Sibnature Private Island


Be sure to leave the problems/hassles of this world behind whenever you make your way to an island specifically made for guests of Sibnature Resort & Casino. Sibnature Island, which involves the only private beaches in Aruba, is roughly an 8-minute water taxi ride away. The Island features a unique oasis with beaches made for adults/family-friendly beaches. Ensure that your day on the Sibnature Island is a day well spent as you can play a game of beach tennis, have a drink or two at the newly added Mangrove Beach Bar, give yourself a treat in the reserved Spa Cove or just lie back and let the skin enjoy the sun, or sit down to the sumptuous lunch specials at Papagayo Bar & Grill.

Island Offerings

The Sibnature Island, which plays host to the only private beaches in Aruba, is a 40-acre tropical paradise that is specially designed only for Sibnature Resort & Casino guests for the period of 12 hours (7 a.m to 7 p.m) daily. There are a lot of things to be done on this private island known as Sibnature Island as the complimentary water taxis take off at every 15 minutes interval behind the Sibnature Ocean Suites docking axis, around the Sibnatures Marina Hotel lobby.

The island is made up of two private beaches namely, the one that is designed uniquely for families and the other that cares for the adults-only. Each beach is furnished with chaise lounges and complimentary towels for guests to enjoy. Are you looking for something that could help you achieve deeper relaxation? Spa Cove is the place to be then as it offers a wide range of treatments when it comes to complete pampering. For excitement whenever you want to spice things up, visit the Sibnature Island, which gives you numerous water sports options, a fitness facility and even beach tennis courts to really pump up the adrenaline. Make sure you visit the Papagayo Bar & Grill to enjoy a mid-day snack or a light lunch whenever you feel like quenching your food appetite while also visiting the Mangrove Beach Bar for a drink or two.

Papagoyo Bar and Grill

The Papagayo Bar & Grill, which was recently renovated, has been converted into a vibrant and lively social hub and it is made up of calming colors made possible by the ocean as well as the whimsical wooden lamps that could be referred to as the centerpiece of the bar. Aside from the décor that has been revitalized, Papagayo Bar & Grill features an air pizza oven fired by woodre as well as a new menu associated with casual lunch favorites. The restaurant has a variety of grilled fare, wood fire baked pizza, burgers, and fresh salads. Beach waiters are always on hand to provide ice-cold tropical drinks to both major beaches as well.

Spa Cove

As far as the unique treatment in relaxation is concerned, there is no better experience than the one that is obtainable at the Spa Cove situated on Aruba’s Sibnature Island. With the expansive view of the ocean on the horizon, the tropical massage cove is at the end of a private walkway. An outdoor shower and inviting lounge serve as the right setting for relaxing both before and after your treatment, while the private swimming area is free for you to examine. You can easily reach out so that food and beverage can be at your end whenever there is a need for additional refreshment.


Chaise lounges, two spectacular beaches, stunning Spa Cove, and the complimentary towels. The Iguana Beach, which is family-friendly, is a playground for parents as well as kids irrespective of their ages, while the Flamingo Beach is a calm pristine stretch of sand that is specifically made for adults. Red Sail Sports gives you an excellent lineup of water sports programs such as deep-sea fishing, scuba diving, sailing cruises, and snorkeling. Paddleboats, ocean kayaks, and sun searcher floats can be rented. A complete supply of sun accessories is also provided by the Red Sail’s retail store.